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Moxa's Policies

Moxa provides reliable industrial connectivity solutions and long-term value to our partners and customers globally. We achieve this through multi-dimensional policies and certifications that help ensure our products, services, and processes continuously improve. When considering how to grow our company, we always take the green approach to protect the environment and strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and happy work environment for our employees.

Quality and Safety Policies

We are committed to the continual improvement of our quality management systems to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

  • Safety

Moxa is dedicated to providing safe and reliable products that comply with safety regulations. We continually improve our products and processes to help ensure that our products and services run smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

  • Reliability

To meet customer expectations, we are committed to providing highly reliable products, services, and processes, in part by incorporating the failure-prevention concept into our operations, designs, and manufacturing processes.

  • Customer Satisfaction

To be a reliable partner to our customers, we use effective processes and operations to provide professional products and services in a timely manner that meet customer requirements.

EHS Policies

As a responsible global corporate citizen, Moxa is committed to balancing economic growth with employees’ safety and health and environment protection. We are continuously committed to efforts that protect the environment and maintain a safe, healthy, and happy work environment for employees through pollution prevention, hazard elimination, regulation compliance, and continuous improvement of the environment.

  • Products

Incorporating green design, we use eco-friendly materials. We also develop products that meet our customers’ expectations and have a low environmental impact.

  • Manufacturing

To uphold environmental protection, we comply with compliance obligations. We have extended producer responsibility and established a green supply chain. In addition, we enhance resource and energy utilization and reduce waste. Prevention of personal injury and environmental damage is also high priority.

  • Environment

We provide a healthy and safe working space by reducing potential environmental risks. Furthermore, we encourage the participation and consultation of our employees and enhance their awareness and ability to continuously improve the environment, their health, and workplace safety. Participation in activities that are beneficial to physical and mental health is also promoted, as well as positive work habits that contribute to a healthy and happy life.

ISO 9001

Moxa has been certified by the internationally recognized ISO 9001 Standard. The standard defines a set of guidelines that we follow to develop our own quality management system to ensure we consistently provide products and services that meet the requirements of our customers.



ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS)​

Moxa has been certified by ISO/TS 22163, also known as IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard). We achieved this certification by using their guidelines to develop a quality management system to ensure our products and services meet railway-specific requirements.



ISO 45001

Moxa cares passionately about employees' safety and wellbeing. We were certified by ISO 45001 by following their guidelines to develop a management system that protects employees and visitors from work-related injuries and illnesses.



ISO 14001​

Moxa takes responsibility to protect and sustain the environment. We became ISO 14001 certified by implementing their guidelines to develop a management system that controls the impact of products, services, and processes on the environment.



ISO 14064

Climate change is impacting the environment at a growing rate, so we commit to annually inventorying GHG emissions to address global warming. We ensure that the report and data meet the acceptable quality standards outlined in ISO 14064-1. The report will be verified by a third party to obtain the GHG Emissions Verification Opinion Statement.



ISO 14067

The focus on the supply chain's carbon footprint is increasing as more countries, cities, and businesses are joining forces to achieve net-zero emissions. We calculate the cumulative greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production, transportation, usage, and disposal of a product. We ensure that the product life cycle data quality is acceptable according to ISO 14067 requirements, and we verify the results with a third party to get the GHG Emissions Verification Opinion Statement.


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