Moxa, Your Trusted Serial Partner

Although numerous new communication technologies exist, serial communication (RS-232/422/485) remains important and widely used in many industrial applications. Yet, there are not many companies offering up-to-date software and hardware solutions for serial communication. Since 1987, we have steadfastly invested in advancing serial solutions. As a market leader, we have excelled the development of self-owned serial ASIC and drivers. This has provided a robust foundation for our serial connectivity networking products, ensuring continuous adaptation to modern platforms and surpassing performance requirements while maintaining reliable connectivity quality, consistent user experiences, and stable product availability.

Going forward, as your trusted partner, we have three commitments to ensure your serial device remains operational in current and future systems.

Commitment to Longevity

We are committed to ensuring a stable supply and availability of our serial solutions, while also expanding our offerings (such as USB 3.2, mPCIe) to meet new serial connectivity needs, keeping your serial devices up and running for the future.

Commitment to New Technology

We are committed to investing in new technology for self-owned serial ASICs and drivers for the seamless integration of new solutions and ensuring compatibility with our customers' legacy serial devices and systems.

Commitment to Cybersecurity

We are committed to ensuring the secure connection of your serial devices by offering serial-to-Ethernet solutions compliant with the latest IEC 62443-4-2 standards and providing ongoing security patch updates.