IT/OT Convergence Is Redefining Networks

IT/OT convergence is imperative for any business looking to innovate. Now more than ever, industrial networks need to evolve to facilitate seamless integration of OT and IT systems.

Moxa is committed to helping industrial networks take the leap towards the next generation of networking. With Moxa, businesses can build reliable and flexible future-focused networks for seamless data connectivity and integration, helping businesses prepare for the transition to a digital future.

Challenges to Futureproofing Networks

A unified IT/OT network must not only increase efficiency and system reliability, but also simplify the network structure and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). Forward-looking technologies—such as TSN (time-sensitive networking)—are already being under development by industry pioneers driving IT/OT convergence.

Many businesses have found that the key successful transformations lies in making well-planned, incremental upgrades to network infrastructure. However, the dizzying array of product and design options often keeps businesses from taking the next steps to a future of convergence.

Essential Tips for Building Futureproof Industrial Networks

Discover How to Unlock Opportunities With Unified TSN Networks

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Moxa’s futureproof industrial network solutions are designed to help businesses build infrastructure that caters to the current and future needs of different applications and takes full advantage of merged IT and OT systems.

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