IT/OT Convergence Is Redefining Networks

IT/OT convergence is an imperative goal for any business looking to innovate. Now more than ever, industrial networks need to evolve to facilitate seamless integration of OT and IT systems.

Moxa is committed to helping industrial networks take the leap towards the next generation of networking. With Moxa, businesses can build reliable and flexible future-focused networks for seamless data connectivity and integration, helping businesses prepare for transitioning to a digitalized future.

Futureproofing Networks Is Not Easy

A single unified, converged IT/OT network is expected to not only increase efficiency and system reliability, but also significantly simplifies the network structure and ultimately bring down the TCO. Some forward-looking technologies, like TSN (time-sensitive networking), are already being pioneered by several industry players looking to attain this promising goal.

While this may still sound like the distant future to most businesses, gradually upgrading network infrastructure to meet planned out transformation needs could be an ideal approach for many businesses. However, with a vast amount of product and design options, investing in futureproof networking for seamless data connectivity can be difficult without running into some common hurdles that can hinder efforts.

Essential Tips for Building Futureproof Industrial Networks

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Moxa’s futureproof industrial network solutions are designed to help businesses build infrastructure that caters to the current and future needs of different applications and takes full advantage of merged IT and OT systems.

  • Edge-to-core Networking
  • Security-hardened Networking
  • Centralized Network Management

Moxa provides the tools for building a reliable network foundation to futureproof your network, enabling seamless data connectivity and integration all the way from the edge to the core.

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Moxa's industrial Ethernet products are designed around the embedded secure DNA concept in line with the IEC 62443 standard to create robust building blocks for secure networks. Our defense-in-depth strategy helps protect your network through secure segmentation and threat prevention while providing the ability to easily monitor the security status of your network and quickly respond to cyberthreats.

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With comprehensive, real-time visibility of your industrial networks, you can more easily manage devices across network layers and optimize operations and availability throughout all stages of network deployment, management, and maintenance.

Real-time network visibility Real-time network security status

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  • Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Oil & Gas


Smart manufacturing relies on the interconnection of all devices in the factory. Real-time information is the key to optimizing operational efficiency and reducing production cost. Having reliable network infrastructure capable of uninterrupted data transmissions is critical to success.

Intelligent Transportation

From roads to tunnels to bridges, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) rely on traffic flow, speed, and density data, as well as weather conditions and surveillance video to achieve efficient traffic management. To enable smart operations, you need futureproof network infrastructure capable of collecting and processing a vast amount of traffic sensor and video data in real time.

Oil & Gas

Oil refineries are one of the mission-critical applications that rely on precise process automation and 24/7 operations. Maximizing operational uptime requires a reliable network infrastructure that can accommodate a great number of connected field devices and enables real-time monitoring at the control center.

A New Era of Industrial Digital Transformation
Has Already Begun

Digital transformation is already happening across different industries. We’ve worked with forward-thinking businesses and helped them become more flexible and resilient with futureproof network solutions.