Moxa Industrial Linux (MIL) is a high-performance industrial-grade Linux distribution developed by Moxa to help accelerate your industrial projects. MIL is based on Debian and the standard Linux kernel, which makes it easy to deploy your applications on multiple systems.

To address the long-term system needs of smart cities and industries such as power, water, oil and gas, transportation, and factory automation, MIL comes with 10-year Linux support that includes security patches and bug fixes, making industrial projects secure and sustainable.

In addition, Moxa is working with industry leaders to create a reliable and secure Linux-based embedded software platform that can be sustained for more than 10 years. Moxa is a member of The Linux Foundation® and is part of its Civil Infrastructure Platform (CIP) project that aims to create an open-source platform for managing and monitoring smart cities, civil infrastructure, and factories, to make them secure, reliable, scalable, and sustainable.

Key Features

  • debian Linux

    Debian Compatibility

    Moxa Industrial Linux is a Debian-based distribution that can use all standard Debian packages for the kernel version. Benefits include:
    • No need to learn a new operating system
    • A large repository of packages
    • Time-tested operating system stability

  • crush free file system

    Robust File System

    The robust file system integrated into Moxa Industrial Linux provides extra protection during firmware upgrades and downgrades with:
    • Guaranteed system operation when there are random power losses during firmware upgrades/downgrades
    • Automated system recovery when a firmware upgrade/downgrade fails
    • Fast and secure reset-to-default function built into the system

  • software ota

    Over-the-air (OTA) Software Updates

    Because gateway computers are usually located at remote sites, it is a challenge to upgrade the system and applications. A suitable way to upgrade the firmware on remote computers is to use wireless technology such as cellular or Wi-Fi. Moxa Industrial Linux supports an Advanced Packaging Tools (APT) software-upgrade mechanism for remote upgrades.

  • linux support

    Long-Term Support

    Moxa Industrial Linux allows users to keep the same kernel version and Debian user space without having to upgrade the whole system frequently. In addition, subscription services for each major release of Moxa Industrial Linux, throughout its 10-year life-cycle phase*, provide security updates and bug fixes as follows:.
    • Critical security patches
    • High-priority bug fixes

    * For details, refer to the Moxa Industrial Linux Service Policy.

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