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Wireless antenna cables with RP-SMA (female) to RP-SMA (male) connectors

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Features and Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • 1.5 m, 3 m, 5 m options available
  • Straight mount or magnetic base mount
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The A-CRF-RFRM Series is a set of cable accessories with RP-SMA (male) to RP-SMA (female) connectors and magnetic base mount options for placement on metal surfaces.

  • Impedance

    50±3 ohms

  • Connector

    SMA Jack (Female) / SMA Plug (Male)

  • V.S.W.R.

    ≤ 2.0 @ 100 MHz to 3 GHz
    ≤ 2.5 @ 4000 MHz to 5 GHz

  • Cable

    A-CRF-RFRM-R4-150: RG-174
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-300: CFD-200
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-500: CFD-200

  • Cable Length

    A-CRF-RFRM-R4-150: 1.5 m
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-300: 3 m
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-500: 5 m

  • Weight

    A-CRF-RFRM-R4-150: 118 g (0.26 lb)
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-300: 135 g (0.30 lb)
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-500: 155 g (0.34 lb)

  • Dimensions

    A-CRF-RFRM-R4-150: Height: 40.5 mm (including base)

  • Radome Color


  • Radome Material


  • Installation

    A-CRF-RFRM-R4-150: Magnetic mount
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-500: N/A
    A-CRF-RFRM-C2-300: N/A

  • Operating Temperature

    -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

  • Storage Temperature

    -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for A-CRF-RFRM Series
836.5 KB
Datasheet v1.1 Dec 15, 2022 Dec 15, 2022

Available Models (3)

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moxa-a-crf-rfrm-r4-150-image.jpg | MoxaA-CRF-RFRM-R4-150A-CRF-RFRM-C2-300A-CRF-RFRM-C2-500
Cable TypeRG-174CFD-200CFD-200
Connector TypeRP-SMA (male) to RP-SMA (female)RP-SMA (male) to RP-SMA (female)RP-SMA (male) to RP-SMA (female)
Cable Length1.5 m3 m5 m
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