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Fiber Adapter Series

SC male to ST female duplex adapters

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Features and Benefits

  • Can be used with any Moxa switch that has one or more SC ports
  • Easily convert SC ports into ST ports without the need for an extra patch cord
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These SC male to ST female duplex adapters are provided as an optional accessory to give users of Moxa industrial Ethernet switches more fiber optic connection options. Simply plug the adapters directly into the SC connector of any Moxa industrial Ethernet switch to convert the original SC connector into an ST connector. This allows you to use an ST connector with any Moxa industrial Ethernet switch, but without the need for an extra patch cord.

  • SC-Side Connector

    SC male

  • ST-Side Connector

    ST female

  • Single-Mode

    ADP-SCm-STf-S: 9/125 µm

  • Multi-Mode

    ADP-SCm-STf-M: 62.5/125 µm

  • Insertion Loss

    ADP-SCm-STf-M: 0.1/0.3 (TYP/MAX)
    ADP-SCm-STf-S: 0.5/1.1 (TYP/MAX)

  • Body Color

    ADP-SCm-STf-M: Gray
    ADP-SCm-STf-S: Blue

  • Ferrules and Sleeves

    Zirconia Ceramic

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for Fiber Adapter Series
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Datasheet v1.0 Nov 30, 2018 Nov 30, 2018

Available Models (2)

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moxa-adp-scm-stf-m-image.jpg | MoxaADP-SCm-STf-Mmoxa-adp-scm-stf-s-image.jpg | MoxaADP-SCm-STf-S
DescriptionSC male to ST female duplex adapter for multi-mode fiberSC male to ST female duplex adapter for single-mode fiber
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